Target: haxe

You can see Haxe custom annotations here.

Haxe classes with useful stuff

Haxe target has some support native classes here:

  • JA_* classes wraps boolean[], byte[], short[]… so they extend java.lang.Object and provide useful methods for reading, writting or constructing/deconstructing from/to Haxe primitive types.
  • HaxeDynamicLoad class provides some methods for dynamic library loading
  • HaxeFfiLibrary interface works as internal interface for FFI loading
  • HaxeFormat provides a portable C/Java like String.format.
  • HaxeIO provides portable IO utilities for all haxe targets.


N class, provides some utility methods used by the runtime and that can be used by libraries. You can find which methods contains just examining those files.


R class provides an internal class for doing reflection stuff. Since there are potentially tons of calls to this class methods, it has a short name.

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