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JTransc (Java Trans Compiler) is an AOT (ahead of time compiler) written in Kotlin that compiles .class and .jar files into a target executable file bundling all the required dependencies in a single file, without requiring a jitter or an external runtime. At the beginning it generated AS3 and JavaScript, but right now there is a single target: Haxe. This allows targeting Js, AS3, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python and LUA. This in turn allows running the program on different platforms such as desktop, browsers and mobile.



You can find a repository with examples here

There is a tutorials section in this documentation.

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This site is hosted at github and has its own github repository, so you can fork it, and make a PR :)


Also, pressing the pencil button available in each page, you can see the corresponding file on github. And github will provide another pencil button which will create a fork in your user so you can edit the file and do a PR.

You can read the complete information about contributing.

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