gdx-backend-jtransc is a backend for gdx that works on html5 and C++ (desktop and mobile [android and ios]) with just one target.

It uses internally lime crossplatform Haxe library.

Benefits over other alternatives:

  • On HTML5: Javascript. Provides full reflection support. And allows to mix Java, Kotlin or Scala code directly. And without requiring source code.
  • On Android: Native C++. No method count limit. Predictable speed (not depending on Dalvik, ART versions). Not require crosswalk 40MB or javascript JIT overhead.
  • On iOS: Native C++. Can target several iOS versions. Not javascript so no interpreter or not webgl support depending on version. Predictable performance and no javascript JIT overhead.
  • On Desktop: Native C++. No JVM required. Package in a single executable. Fast startup.
  • On Flash: Not yet ready. Will have to emulate shaders (or provide somehow as binary).

You can see the library here:

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