JTransc Haxe Android

You can include and call haxe libraries that do stuff on android. You can find all the public android libraries here: https://lib.haxe.org/t/android/ (equivalent to ANEs) When targeting Adobe AIR, it should be possible to call ANEs directly.


Also, it is possible to call Android directly including lime library (or using jtransc-media that already includes it). Here there is an example: [https://github.com/jtransc/jtransc-media/blob/master/jtransc-media-lime/resources/HaxeLimeLanguage.hx])(https://github.com/jtransc/jtransc-media/blob/master/jtransc-media-lime/resources/HaxeLimeLanguage.hx)

You can add and Haxe file with @HaxeAddFilesTemplate. Then in that file you can use #if android preprocessor and use lime.system.JNI class:


class HaxeLimeLanguage {
	static public function getLanguage(): String {
		#if android return getLanguageAndroid();
		#elseif ios return getLanguageIOS();
		#elseif windows return getLanguageWindows();
		#else return 'unknown-unknown';

	#if android
	static private function getLanguageAndroid(): String {
		var getDefaultLocale = lime.system.JNI.createStaticMethod("java/util/Locale", "getDefault", "()Ljava/util/Locale;");
		var locale = getDefaultLocale();
		var getLanguage = lime.system.JNI.createMemberMethod("java/util/Locale", "getLanguage", "()Ljava/lang/String;");
		var language = getLanguage(locale);
		trace('HaxeLimeLanguage: Android: Detected language: $language');
		return language;

	#if ios
	static private function getLanguageIOS(): String {
		return 'unknown-ios';

	#if windows
	static private function getLanguageWindows(): String {
		return 'unknown-windows';

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