Since version 0.4.1, JTransc supports a plugin system using the plain Java’s ServiceLoader.

You must add to your JAR this file:

With the fqname of your implementation. That class should extend the abstract class com.jtransc.plugin.JTranscPlugin.

You can see some examples of plugins to discover the API at that moment:

  • jtransc-core/src/com/jtrans/plugin/jna/JnaJTranscPlugin.kt
  • jtransc-core/src/com/jtrans/plugin/meta/MetaReflectionJTranscPlugin.kt
  • jtransc-core/src/com/jtrans/plugin/service/ServiceLoaderJTranscPlugin.kt

The plugin system allows to reference classes/methods/fields, to modify the program (adding classes, methods, fields or modifying them) before or after the ThreeShaking phase.

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